I’m modelling for Matthieu

In these days of social and physical isolation, of lock-down, of panic buying and worrying at the news, there’s a theme going around modelling communities. To the outside world, modelling already looks a lot like self-isolation. “I’ve been training for this my whole life” reads one photo of a crowded modelling space.

These memes seem trite and possibly thoughtless after you read Matthiew Lachance’s post on his Hedley Junction blog. Like many in our modelling community, Matthieu’s immune system is poor, and he stands to get dangerously sick if he catches the disease.

Myself, I am healthy and will probably survive COVID-19 when it strikes me, as it almost certainly will. Indeed, many people carry the virus without knowing it. I could already be a danger to people like Matthieu.

I’ve been working from home and maintaining physical distance for two weeks now, but mostly because the science says it’s the right thing to do. With respect to modelling, I’ve not changed my practice at all. However, after reading Matthieu’s post, I have a new reason to follow the epidemiologists’ call.

2 thoughts on “I’m modelling for Matthieu

  1. Rene – your comments hit a chord that is still ringing in my ears. I searched a way to contact you directly and say thanks for all your posts as well as encouragement. MRH has been what allowed me to become part of a community and, lately, Model Railroading Live. Having a support system has become more important since my bike crash and hospitalization – even though that was nearly two years ago! Now I cycle “virtually” online and follow or am followed by hundreds of others from around the world. Is this our new normal?

    1. Thanks for your kind comment, Neil. I think one of the aspects that makes model railroading especially appealing is that it is non-competitive. Indeed, most of us can only achieve our goals with the help and support of friends.

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