Lowering the carriage factory

Rob Kirkham suggested getting a boxcar into the scene to compare with the carriage factory. The cars in the prototype photo look like 36 footers, and I don’t have any that large. I did have a 34′ V&PL car at hand, and dropping it into the scene, we can see that the 80′ factory is certainly too short, and the 100′ factory is about right.

I then measured the ratio of height to length from the photograph, and updated the long building to suit. It’s definitely getting closer. At 30′ wide, it may need to slim down a little, but probably not all the way to the 22′ of the smaller building.

I had always thought the building was aligned with the street, along with all the other buildings in the scene. However, the more I look at it, the more I think it is aligned with the tracks. I find the additional angle makes a pleasing dynamism, and so, I may leave it this way.

2 thoughts on “Lowering the carriage factory

  1. Dumb question… What about the ill fated Sketchup? You have a decent prototype photo and I think enough base measurements from the boxcar to scale the photo. That might get you closer?


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