Balancing the carriage factory

Birds Eye View of Pembroke
The Pembroke Carriage Factory is the large two-storey building beyond the cars and depot.

The temporary massing models have lasted much longer than I expected, and I’ve always felt the carriage factory was too small and the station looked too tall. So, with a little spare time and foam core, I built a new carriage factory, and with my knife I lopped off four feet from the bottom of the station.

The original carriage factory was 80×22 feet, and 20 feet to the eaves. The new one is 100×32 feet and 28 feet to the eaves. Referring to the apartments on Pembroke Street and the Gordon Block behind, the carriage factory may now be too tall, but it’s easier to remove a couple of feet than it is to add them on. I’ll let the new shapes sit for a while before making more changes.

11 thoughts on “Balancing the carriage factory

  1. Rene,
    The station proportions look much closer to the prototype. I agree with your thought that the carriage factory may be too tall – it looks out of proportion with the station now. Perhaps the new length and the original height? As you said, live with the mockup for a while and see.

  2. The carriage factory looks like a two story building now but the station still looks tall. Maybe the guardrail around the viewer side would help or a fascia board? It would be helpful to see a boxcar alongside like the original photo has for a better sense of proportion.
    Marty’s comment does beg the question if there is some compression in the models.

  3. Nice to see the scene and your work to capture the feel. Makes me ask whether you are going for precise or feel.

    Do you happen to have fire insurance maps (or any other reference) for the footprints Rene? I suppose width of the right of way might be known?

    I find proportion conversations challenging and like to use multiple references to guess at and second guess conclusions. I’ve been deceived by viewing angles and lenses etc over the years. Thank goodness for photo measurement tools, excel and mock ups.

    My starting point here would be to infer the original camera elevation and distance and worry through placing your camera vis a vis the scene in like manner to the prototype. I think you’ve tried that, but notice the photos of the model scenes are at slightly different angles. Which made me wonder if, for example, the slope of the station roof was less on the prototype than the model? or is that about the viewing angle? Is the model station narrower front to back? etc.

    Its hard to start picking at a variable and determine where you are at without first knowing what is solid and what is conjecture. Kind of like algebra without constants . . .

    1. Thanks Rob. Precision or feel is a great question. My philosophy on that is that if I have the information I will honour it. Otherwise, I will make it up.

      There is a fire insurance plan, which stops just short of the carriage factory. I have the dimensions of the station and freight shed from a B&B book. But you now have made me wonder if I can find anything in the Pembroke Observer or another source.

  4. oh, sorry – one other comment: do you know anything about the boxcar in the photo? the on line image is no sufficient to look for reporting marks etc.

    1. No, sadly I’m working with a third or fourth generation photo. So, no reporting marks. I would guess it’s a 36 footer. Definitely, this is prior to 1913 when the station was moved.

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