Yoke for 622

Once all six parts of each cylinder were soldered together, I really wondered if I would be able to add the yoke too. I wanted it soldered for strength, but feared turning the cylinder assemblies back into their constituent smithereens. I needn’t have worried. The hard part turned out to be holding the chassis in […]

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Cylinder assembly

Getting the first cylinder right could have been luck. By the time I’d completed the second one, I think I knew what I was doing. So here, for future Rene, are the fixtures I came up with to get the cylinders together straight, with a minimum of fuss!

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Cylinder parts and jig

When I tested the dry fit of the first cylinder parts, I still needed to get the guides straight. Little did I realize at the time how difficult that would be. I was even more surprised by how difficult it would be to hold the guides straight for soldering. I shouldn’t have been surprised. Indeed, […]

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Capitulating to oil cups

I don’t believe I’ve ever had so much difficulty drilling holes. Five #80 drill bits lined up like casualties of war (where are their flags?), and not one successful hole achieved. #622 had oil cups mounted mid-way down the crosshead guides. They are quite prominent in the photos, and I would love to model them. […]

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Cylinder dry fit

Fitting the the crosshead guides into the first cylinder took a morning’s filing. Perhaps it would have been quick work with a milling machine, but I didn’t find that the drawing as designed enabled me to assemble the parts the way I wanted anyway. There is still finishing to complete in the corners so the […]

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