A little mock rhythm

A few weeks ago, as I was contemplating the composition of Pembroke, I noted that I want to pull the viewer through the space between the Pembroke Milling Company and the CA freight shed. The existing mockups had their roof ridges parallel to the backdrop to simplify hiding the join with the backdrop. However, in […]

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Crosshead guides

As with the crossheads themselves, I am surprised the guides folded up successfully. Each slide bar is made of two layers, with half-etched detail, and until their free ends are fixed to the yoke, they remain quite delicate. I completely mangled a set as I removed them from the fret, but fortunately, there were spares. […]

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Crossheads for 622

When I drew them up, I seriously doubted the pattern for the crossheads would work. Indeed, I included an extra pair on the drawing in case the first didn’t turn out, at least I could try again. As it happens, the train spirits were watching out for me, and the patterns nearly worked as designed. […]

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Firebox weight

As with most other parts of 622, I wound up making the firebox weight twice. The first time was pretty bad due to an incomplete burnout of the wax or poor flow of the lead. The second one turned out passably well, and only took one attempt to carve the wax! As you can see, […]

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622 under power

Honestly, I don’t know how America ever became great in the first place, having invented the Phillips head screw! The things strip too easily, and even when they’re not stripped, they don’t hold onto your screwdriver and you have to press down to make them work. The reassembly of 622 had to wait until I […]

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I’ll make one instead!

“All I need is a nut driver…”The Grinch looked around.But, since nut drivers are scarce, there was none to be found.Did that stop the old Grinch…?No! The Grinch simply said,“If I can’t find a nut driver, I’ll make one instead!”So he filed some hex rod. Then he took some scrap sheetAnd he soldered it into […]

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Firebox weight patterns

Little eight wheelers like 622 are mostly air. So, I need to fill every nook and cranny with weight. The firebox looks like a good place for weight, but it is unfortunately rather full of gearbox and other mechanical or electrical gubbins. The forward end has a little space, and so, I carved these two […]

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