IPMS Vancouver Fall Show

The local chapter of the International Plastic Modelers Society held their big show on Thanksgiving Saturday, as they apparently have every year. I had never been to one of their events before, and finding myself in the unusual possession of not only a couple of hours of free time but also the knowledge that the show was happening, I begged off to go see what I could learn.

As expected, there was a great deal of talent on display. I especially liked some of the subtle weathering on the aircraft, as well as the nicely rendered muck and wear applied to the armour models.

My chief learnings we’re about aerials. A couple of WWII bombers had astonishingly fine wires strung from the fuselage to the elevators. This, according to some knowledgeable-looking guys in blue shirts and “judge” name tags, was likely stretched sprue. If it is, it was clearly stretched by an angel or some other otherworldly creature. There is much more I can learn about this technique.

The other aerials were on modern armoured vehicles. They were also incredibly long and fine, but sticking straight up. Virtually any wire I can think of would be bent and linked before I finished the model, if not by the time I transported it to the Bonsor Recreation Complex. Some other helpful blue-shirted chaps suggested that it was indeed likely wire, but a few of the models used carbon fibre. I’ll just stow that idea for another day.

My favourite newly acquired thought from the day is a new condition. SABLE. Both plastic modellers and railway modellers are extremely susceptible. Stuff Acquired Beyond Life Expectancy.


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