Removing the long axles

With the drivers quartered, the long axles have now served their purpose. I started cutting the first one with a jeweller’s saw. An hour and two blades later, I decided to switch to a cut-off disk and the Dremel tool.

I took it slow to avoid melting the spokes or (worse) the axle-wheel joint, and I was very careful around the crankpins as they would have disappeared in a blink. To further protect the spokes, I wrapped each wheel in masking tape; this doesn’t do much in the event of a slip, but serves as an early warning if the tool brushes something it shouldn’t.

I cut the axles as close as I dared to the wheel and then mounted them into a V-slot for final grinding and filing. Again, masking tape helped protect the wheel face from accidental contact.

8 thoughts on “Removing the long axles

    1. You’re going to have a hard time painting this beauty.

      Are you shooting for a spring date if having it running? If your up for an adventure to Portland, OR the annual Bridgetown RPM is next spring. 😉 Then I could drool over it in person. You’re almost making this dyed in the wool diesel guy interested in steamers with this build.


      1. I am shooting for having it done for the Railway Modellers’ Meet in May. You should come up! Clinics, layout tours, ops sessions and a robust display room. Makes for an inspiring and edifying weekend.

  1. Well my wife and I have our passports… I’m not so sure how thrilled she would be to take yet another model train adventure. It might be easier to swing driving up from the Seattle area by myself.

    What’s the dates for 2019?

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