Just two holes!

All I wanted was two holes. Two holes for crankpins 1mm in diameter and the right distance from the centre holes in the quartering jig. It seemed simple enough when I conceived of them.

But then, how to get the holes the right distance from the centre? So I made a tiny bushing to fit into the hole in the crankpin jig.

Okay, that was easy, now just pop that 1mm bit into the drill press and…. oh, the chuck doesn’t go that small. And my pin chuck doesn’t go that big. So I made a split sleeve to hold the drill in the drill press.

Okay, let’s go! Uh, the bushing wants to jump out of the hole when the drill press starts vibrating. So, I soldered it in place.

It took over an hour, but I now have my two holes. It’s not patience: it’s persistence.

2 thoughts on “Just two holes!

  1. Often when you’re starting out and you have tooling mismatches the easiest dodge is to make D-bits, either as you go or with foresight. Can be quicker and more accurate than shanking. 1mm drill w/1/8″ shank are very common but a lot of other sizes are not so a D-bit can be a good way to get what you want.

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