Crankpins for 622

This weekend I formed the crankpins. They are turned from brass as I found, when turning the prototype, I couldn’t drill a long 0.6 mm hole in steel. I made them slightly over-length so I can trim them after I see how thick the rods really are.

The real trick was the washers. These are only 1/16 inch (1.6 mm) in diameter, with that same 0.6 mm clearance hole. If I’d been thinking, I would have included them in the etch, but sadly I didn’t think of them at that time.

After failing to part one from a piece of 1/16″ rod, I settled on soldering a piece of sheet to the end of that rod, which I chucked in the lathe. I then drilled through the sheet and into the rod, and turned off most of the sheet. Then I unsoldered the tiny washer from the end of the rod, and deposited it in my new dog bowl.

Oh, the dog bowl?

That was a Father’s Day gift from The Girl. It is not a bowl for dogs, but a bowl shaped like our Springer Spaniel. I have decided to use it to corral tiny parts as I am making them so no micro washers or other tiny investments make a bid for freedom amongst the dust bunnies.

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