A summer well-spent

It has been quite a summer. Between three weeks in England and France subjecting the kids to an intense dose of European history and culture, a long weekend in New Brunswick attending family functions, and a week recovering at a cabin on the Sunshine Coast, there hasn’t been much time for railway pursuits. What little free time there has been, I have spent on organizing Vancouver’s biannual operating weekend, VanRail.

This weekend found us enjoying our friends’ hospitality at their Bowen Island cabin. The Boy and I slept under the stars on the deck, and naturally woke up before the rest of the household. After taking the dog for a swim, rolling up my sleeping bag, watching for whales and visiting the kaibo, there was nothing to do but stare at the still-quiet house.

It was then that I noticed the siding on this cabin is the same beaded board as the Canada Atlantic used on many freight cars. I have never come across this type of board before, and had wondered about the dimensions for years. Well wonder no longer: the boards are 6 5/8 inches wide, with the groove centred 3 5/16 inches. The deeper groove is between boards. There are no guarantees that the CA used the same dimensions, but in the absence of other evidence, any information is better than none.

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