Pilgrimage to Pendon

It’s easily more than a decade since I was last in England, and so, on this summer’s holiday, I left the eye-rolling family at home for a trip out to see the Pendon museum. We were staying in Henley on Thames, and the museum was a morning’s excursion when the rest of the family wanted a rest anyway.

Since my last visit, the museum has added an audio guide, which my non-rail friend, Neil, thought had substantially improved the experience. For me, the main thing was to have another look at the expanse of breathtaking modelling. I always come away inspired.

In the shop, I found Gordon Gravett’s three books on scenery. I saved on shipping by humping them all over Europe and back to Canada myself.

4 thoughts on “Pilgrimage to Pendon

  1. I’m going to have to remember this the next time I’m in the the UK with one or more of my eye-rolling family members

  2. Quaint scenes of rural 1930s England in the White Horse Veil showcasing cottages and pubs modelled inside and out. Previously in small display cases, the scenes have been transplanted into a gymnasium-sized setting.

    And I remember studying the track arrangement of John Ahern’s amazing Madder Valley…do they have it running again?

    I would force my family to go every time we went back to visit relatives so maybe 6 times as a child. My last visit as an adult was 15 years ago when I took my oldest son to meet his great grandmother (just before she hit the century mark and got her letter from the Queen!) He didn”t catch the bug though…

    Pendon Parva and Industrial Light and Magic got me into the modelling with aspirations to model for them.

    Thx for the vicarious visit Rene!

    1. Cheers Mark. Yes, the Madder Valley runs occasionally – four times this year, from the looks of the schedule on the Pendon Museum website. I hear what you’re saying about wishing to model for Pendon… The good news is that apparently some of the rolling stock is starting to wear out; so there will be “opportunities” to replace it 🙂

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