Bad crank pin holes

When you simultaneously wreck a part and break your last drill bit of that size, it’s a good time to take a little rest. Actually, I’ve now pretty much committed to mulligans on two out of four drivers, which will teach me not to celebrate finishing some parts until I’ve finished working with them.

Despite the success with the proof of concept crank pin hole, the first real one did not go as well. It seems holding the wheel in line is not as easy as it sounds. Somehow, by the time the hole was drilled, the drill was not centered on the crank pin boss, and I wound up with a hole that was off-centre. Perhaps it won’t be noticeable, but better to fix it at this point in the model.

Before drilling the second driver, I revised my jig with a screw and a spacer that serves to clamp the wheel down. This way, the pesky assembly has no way to move as the drill bit approaches.

Everything was going great on that second hole until I caught the drill chuck on the end of the axle. Machines make things quickly – both good things and garbage, and in this case, it quickly made a piece of garbage. In a flash, the axle had wrapped around the chuck and broken the drill bit. Now nothing is straight and I don’t even have a bit with which to wreck the third wheel.

Must be time for a break. The lawn definitely needs mowing.

4 thoughts on “Bad crank pin holes

  1. o man! That will have been a test of your patience! I can only imagine how I’d react at that stage in the process.
    That said, the look you are achieving is really impressive and worth the effort.

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