622’s boiler roughed in

The plan for 622’s boiler is somewhat experimental. Because the engine is a split frame design, and the running boards are connected to the frame, the boiler needs to admit both polarities too. At the same time, these little engines are mostly air, and so, we need to fill the boiler with as much weight as possible. I considered casting a custom lead weight and … Continue reading 622’s boiler roughed in

A Photo for the Railway Modellers’ Meet

This is the first time in a while that we’ve had a photo display at the Railway Modellers’ Meet. Consequently, the organizing committee decided to task ourselves with ensuring there is something to see; we each need to bring something. This is not a problem for someone like Marc Simpson, who not only knows how to fill Facebook with news about the meet, but also … Continue reading A Photo for the Railway Modellers’ Meet

Engine truck: two steps forward, one step back

Obviously, things were going too well. Parts were literally flying off the frets and attaching themselves to the frame. I was hopeful of actually hitting my deadline. The optimism continued as I folded up the the engine truck. Even tacking the bottom chord onto the side frames worked reasonably easily, despite being a flawed design in the first place. Sure, I etched one of the … Continue reading Engine truck: two steps forward, one step back