Small reward, big effort

For weeks, I’ve been avoiding the big pile of boxes that the restoration vapers left in the basement in front of the layout. My darling wife, understanding that neither they nor she would put everything back where it belongs, instructed them to leave the boxes. Of course, unpacking boxes takes little effort. Running the cables and reinstalling all the tech on my two desks, on the other hand, requires hours of crawling under tables and figuring and casting spells to make things stay and wouldn’t you rather fold laundry or watch cat videos?

The trick to breaking static friction was to reframe this effort as train work. I needed to print the drawing that will inform my wheel-turning efforts, and I promised myself that I would do it on the printer installed at the work desk. So, once the kids were in bed last night, I took a square of chocolate and my cup of tea and set to work.

Getting the desk set up took all evening. Composing the drawing from the 3D model took only five minutes, but seeing it roll off the printer was rewarding indeed.


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