622 Etching Pattern

I believe I’ve just completed the patterns for 622’s etched parts, although I shall have to go back and check them for certain. It’s funny how time flies; I last worked on these files in July! Anyway, for those who are interested, here are the files. Go ahead, build it!


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Soldering wheel centres

I dragged out the resistance soldering unit this morning to solder those centres into their tyres. On the first wheel, I experimented with solder paste and a torch, but ultimately settled on the RSU. So, with only twelve joins to make, I started work with the RSU again. This time, I found that after the […]

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Spoke filing fixture

I didn’t write about it before, but filing that first wheel centre was like trying to wash a cat – slippery and occasionally painful. There seemed to be no good way to grasp it. Worse, as I was filing bits away, the challenge levelled up! By the time I was at panther level, I was […]

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Any wheel I want

Looking back on 2018, it would be easy to despair about the amount I didn’t accomplish on Pembroke. Two floods put a damper on things (so to speak), and many non-rail projects also ate my year. However, the singular achievement of the year came on January 1st of this new year, when I pulled the […]

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