Christmas Post

Among the dwindling count of cards arriving in our mailbox this Christmas, there appeared a plump envelope with a strange foreign stamp. It was from Dave Doe, that stalwart defender of Proto:87, that Englishman living in Holland-now-France, that dear old friend.

Along with a card, Dave enclosed some wheels that he has discovered. Astonishingly, the 3mm Society not only offers a range of wheels but they also have a robust selection of 3mm Finescale wheels. Dave included a handy drawing of the profile, which apparently has been in use since 1985! With a tyre width of 1.65 to 1.75 mm and a flange width of 0.41 to 0.51 mm, these wheels are almost as close to Proto:87 as P4 is!

I think the profile may still need to get touched up a little, but Dave may have just saved me a whole bunch of time!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, indeed!

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