Wanted – pressure vessel

Readers of this blog will know that it is unusual for me to admit defeat. Usually, I will doggedly pursue an idea until everyone has pretty much drifted off to cat videos, except for a few readers who check back to shake their heads and mutter such things as “he had so much promise.”

However, after two containers and countless attempts at creating gaskets to seal them, I am ready to buy a solution to this problem of holding pressure for castings. I’m just not making progress. Even with thread seal tape, there is air escaping all around the pvc pipe.

I’m hoping Kijiji comes through with an alert for a paint pot before Christmas. If not, there is a plausible-looking candidate at Princess Auto.

3 thoughts on “Wanted – pressure vessel

  1. Rene,
    Sorry to here you admit defeat, but I think in this case you will be happier in the end. If possible try and find as big of a pot as possible, and with a flat bottom. I had to create a false flat bottom on mine as my castings wouldn’t stay level. Good luck on the search.


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