Christmas Post

Among the dwindling count of cards arriving in our mailbox this Christmas, there appeared a plump envelope with a strange foreign stamp. It was from Dave Doe, that stalwart defender of Proto:87, that Englishman living in Holland-now-France, that dear old friend. Along with a card, Dave enclosed some wheels that he has discovered. Astonishingly, the 3mm Society not only offers a range of wheels but … Continue reading Christmas Post

Awesome gift under the tree

Doesn’t everyone prefer homemade gifts? This year the kids teamed up to create enough Mark II Stock Keepers to keep me quiet for a while. Mark II and Mark III (fewer staples but more labour) both enable me to reach small pieces easier than the original Mark I version, pictured here. The Girl even decorated the Stock Keepers with holiday-themed drawings, and a poem. Stock is awesomeStock … Continue reading Awesome gift under the tree

Insertion cast wheels

On Wednesday, I managed to get away from the Christmas concerts for a meeting of the North Shore chapter of the local NMRA division. It was Graham Stokes’s annual “Trains and Scones” evening, and as usual he had a little table to show off progress on our current projects. I wanted to show the wheels, and so, despite castings still only getting vacuumed, I finally … Continue reading Insertion cast wheels

Lessons from art school

Earlier this week, Dave Eggleston posted some of his notes from his classes with Charles Emerson.  It’s a super list of attributes that make a painting good, and I wondered if we can apply any of these same lessons to elevate our model railways and railway models. A good painting is logical and consistent across canvas and convincing (statisfying/moving). Model railways certainly benefit from consistency … Continue reading Lessons from art school

Flat car loose ends

While I was happily installing flat car decks at VTEX, it was John Green who noticed that the ends of some of the boards were lifting. Thank-you John for pointing this out while it was still relatively easy to fix. As I’m finished with casting experiments for now, I spent tonight’s modelling minutes on fixing them. A little glue escaped onto the side sills, but … Continue reading Flat car loose ends