Perfidious air

The past couple of weeks have been all Christmas gifts all the time, but tonight I finally managed to get few minutes to spend on my projects. With the heavy shop out of action until we rebuild from the flood, I’m reduced to the crowded garage floor for heavy shop work.

I’m still working toward a pressure vessel for casting, and I came across a couple of YouTube videos that suggested you could make a low-pressure vessel with PVC pipe. Nobody recommends you do this, including me, as PVC pipe is not meant for this purpose. However, I’m thinking I might get away with only 20 or 30 pounds of pressure, and the pipe is cheap so, I thought I would try it.

My lone air hose is trapped in the heavy shop wall. And I have been carrying the air compressor back and forth when I need to use it. However, that gets tedious fast, so this pressure container is fitted with a car tyre valve. This way, I can pump it up with the bike pump, which is always in the garage. The bike pump also works much slower than the compressor, making the little bomb that much safer.

Of course, we’re a long way from bomb territory anyway, as the cheerful nest of bubbles in the photo attest. I’m beginning to think that air is the hardest material I’ve ever worked with. Everything needs to be, well, air-tight, but the dastardly molecules seem to slip through anything!


2 thoughts on “Perfidious air

  1. I couldn’t help but think a device used to evacuate air from my open bottle of wine might work to pull bubbles from a container. The stopper is like a on-way valve and forms it’s own seal while pumping. A pipe fitting of similar size could be screwed into the pvc to test and if it doesn’t work for models then it is alway still good for wine!

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