Flatcars painted

Despite all probability, those flatcars have slipped into the paint booth over the past couple of days and received not only a coat of primer, but also some paint.  Truly, when it came to painting, the odds were not in their favour.  Not only did I have to mine Mount Deluge for the airbrush and its related accouterments, but this being the first use of the paint booth, I also had to install the air dryer/cleaner.

Mount Deluge is granite to Mount Flood’s sandstone.  Some of the boxes are literally labelled “Random Stuff” and the only way to find anything is to wade in with a utility knife and slash open boxes until the appropriate box of “Photo Albums” yields a treasure trove of tools, wedged between a couple of photo albums.  I’ve made several excursions to that mountain today, in search of tools, paints and parts.

When I finally found the airbrush in a box helpfully and accurately labelled “Dad’s Stuff”, it had all but seized up from under-use.  Honestly, I can’t recall the last time I used it!  Some sort of gunk had formed around the needle (I swear I have never put it away dirty, so it wasn’t old paint), and I had to thoroughly clean it all out before I could even start.

Given my preternatural trepidation about firing up the airbrush, it is truly a wonder I was able to overcome all the obstacles.  But, I sucked up my courage, and after five minutes of painting and an hour of cleaning, I had successfully coated the flat cars in black paint.

I’m pleased to say that the paint booth works great, even though the step has not yet been installed.  The fan sucks paint-laden air out of the house so quickly, my family’s sensitive noses don’t even twitch.  By the time the compressor was off, you couldn’t even smell paint in the heavy shop, let alone in the rest of the house.

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