Not again!

Why are those balloons floating just off the floor like that? Remember the flood we had in January? Well, we thought we had fixed it all and capped off the floor drain. Tonight’s heavy rain has come in through the basement door instead.

Because we discovered it at ten o’clock, we have really struggled to get a pump here. There is now about four inches of water throughout the basement, and still no pump. The damage is going to be that much more extensive due to the higher water.

Maybe we are just not meant to own a basement.

Update: If this ever happens to you in North Vancouver, call A1 Drainage. All the other outfits we called weren’t sure if they even had a pump. Bernard showed up with a pump and a camera and tracked the backup to the District property line.


14 thoughts on “Not again!

  1. OH NO! I hope the damage isn’t extensive like last year, and that you can recover quickly. When you say “District”, does that mean the city/county is now on the hook to fix things again?

    1. I guess we’ll find out what that means in the morning! The damage looks to be worse, if you can believe it. We weren’t able to start pumping until some of the IKEA cabinets got soaked.

      Yes, we live in the District of North Vancouver, not to be confused with the City of North Vancouver.

  2. Bummer.
    But, it’s not just basements. My “man cave” is a U.K. sized garage, built into the house. Above the garage are the upstairs bathrooms, one with a shower, one with a bath. There is also the “airing cupboard” which contains the hot water storage cylinder. These have a limited lifespan, at the end of which the bottom falls out. The only way you know that stage has been reached is when it is no longer watertight, and water is very good at obeying gravity and finding cracks in the floorboards…

    Amazingly, I had not two weeks before moved my lathe away from that corner, so the damage could have been worse.

    And then there was a Sunday morning when I was alerted by my wife’s screams about there being ½” of water all over the bathroom floor. She had asked our daughter to run a bath for her, and they had both forgotten about it. A brief pause and suddenly I dashed to the garage, which had three times that depth of water: half an inch more, and the bottom shelf of my bookcases would have been breached. Open the doors, get a brush and push the water out: luckily our house is a few inches higher than the road, and the driveway slopes down, so I am in a better position than you, but nonetheless, your enthusiasm will take a hit.

    All I can say is, hang on in there. A dedicated space is worth having: just make sure everything is a few inches above the floor!

    1. Water – can’t live with it, can’t live without it! I was thinking we should just have a special room outside the house for all the wet activities – showering, laundry, doing dishes etc. Somehow, I don’t think my wife would go for it, though.

      One of the things I’m thankful for: all our power bars are mounted on the cabinets, and the chords were tucked up in wire runs under desks. The only electrical chord on the floor was for the freezer. So, I was pretty sure nobody was going to be electrocuted as we sloshed around with pumps and buckets.

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