And now we are two!

For many years, I was the only Canada Atlantic Railway modeller I had ever met.  Then for a short while, Ron Newby was hoeing this very long row with me.  Then, he found other, more accessible subjects, and then as far as I know, I was the only one again.

A couple of weeks ago, Richard RJ Guitar reached out to me through the comments on this blog to let me know that I am not alone!  He sent along a few photos of his equipment, and judging by the backgrounds, there is more!  He models in O gauge, so we’ll not be swapping equipment any time soon.  However, it is nice to find a kindred spirit.



7 thoughts on “And now we are two!

    1. Ah, I had been wondering about that!
      Ottawa railroading in Canada Atlantic times would have been far more exciting than today. The CAR and CPR were competing furiously for traffic to Montreal and the Eastern Seaboard, and their premier trains left Central Station within minutes of each other.
      My first ever wilderness camping experience was on Rock Lake where we were chased out by hungry raccoons.

  1. That feeling when your Dad casually tells you his trains are in a blog post! As one of Richard’s daughters I can confirm there are definitely more!

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