Test masters

I was just about to glue my 3D printed wheels to the bottom of a box and rashly pour rubber over them, when my inner project manager whispered in my ear and pointed at the risk register. Wrecking the Shapeways wheels would put me back a couple of weeks and $16 in shipping alone! For once I listened, and so I cast about for something else to use for this first mould.

The poor flatcars have waited for attention since antediluvian times, but the project box contained a promising-looking bolster. I also made up a couple of needle beams – one with queen posts and one without, as well as an end beam. These parts should work for all the 33 and 34 foot flats on the Canada Atlantic. Better, they are all easy to replace, should the casting business fail messily.


One thought on “Test masters

  1. Rene,
    I’ve found casting prints from Shapeway require a dip in Future to seal all the tiny layers. I’ve gotten away with a few molds not ripping, but have decided that waiting a day for the Future to dry is well worth the ‘cost’ of ruining a 3D print should the rubber not release right. I also spray mold release as well.


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