Wheel Progress

Parts for the first wheel rolled off the lathe this week.  The engine truck wheels are only 8 mm in diameter, and have eight spokes.  The spokes themselves are only a couple of millimetres long, and so, I have elected to make these wheels in two parts – a tyre and a centre.

I actually formed six centres (a couple of extra never hurts), but so far, only one good tyre has come out.  I cut five profiles in one operation, but wrecked the first profile when parting it.  Yeah, I wasn’t happy with the flange anyway.  The second one was that much closer to the chuck, and so, I successfully parted it ,albeit with a hacksaw, rather than the parting tool.

Counting on my fingers and toes, one tyre required eight different tools to get to this stage with a rough back.  With my low-tech setup, that was a lot of work, and diminutive 622 needs 15 more!  So glad I’m not making a Big Boy!

Wheel progress
Wheel progress
Wheel progress


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