Treasure at the Winnipeg Railway Museum

The day after our trip on the Prairie Dog Central, I carved half an hour out of the family vacation to visit the Countess of Dufferin at the Winnipeg Railway Museum. This venerable old engine is the one that I could find that has a mud drum, and she was going to help me with the details for 622.

Sadly, in her 108 years on display, the Countess’s mud drum has received scant attention. It is completely rotted out.

I still had a few minutes to spare and so I joined the throng of excited kids and beleaguered parents making the circuit of the museum. Then I found a pair of lovingly-restored “caboose trucks,” and startled the throng with my own enthusiasm.

These May well have been used under a caboose, but to me, they are exactly the double-truss swing motion trucks that carry just about every Canada Atlantic freight car. I burned through several of my precious minutes taking detailed photographs to inform the rework of my 3D model of these important parts of my model.

The full set of photos is on Flickr.

3 thoughts on “Treasure at the Winnipeg Railway Museum

  1. I love these swing motion trucks with the wood bolsters. Hartford makes a beautiful kit for the 1:20.3 models and I have done several. The white metal castings are nice but fragile. HO scale models of these would be quit a challenge so I hope you give it a try!

    Neil Erickson

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