I didn’t realize it at the time, but the worst thing about the great flood of 2018 was that it completely destroyed my momentum.  At the end of January, I had finally arrived at a place where I thought I might be able to cut Proto:87 wheels for #622.  I had even cleaned the lathe […]


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Inspiration for the spaces between

My recollection of August in Ontario is of a landscape weary of the summer’s heat and sun, but desperate to hold on rather than giving in to the autumn that is just around the corner. I remember the seed heads of ochre grass bobbing against my thighs as they launched grasshoppers whose wings flashed briefly […]

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Canada Atlantic Simulator

Last weekend, the kids and I had an opportunity to ride the Prairie Dog Central, near Winnipeg. This superb tourist operation is home to Canada’s oldest locomotive, an 1882 4-4-0.  That in itself is remarkable, but the PDC has gone a step further in assembling an authentic early 20th Century train to go with it. […]

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