Photo studio gets a makeover

There is a silver lining when your basement gets flooded: you get to put everything back a little bit better. In the case of the photo studio, which resides behind the monitor in my home office under the layout, I had never liked having to move the monitor out of the way. First of all, it was never truly out of the way, and I would bump against it as I was trying to line up the shot. Then there was the likelihood of scratching the desktop (not that it’s any great beauty) but worse still, there was a power cable and a video cable trailing across the desk, and I simply cannot abide cables.

So, when the flood forced everything out of the home office, I ordered a ceiling mount and some longer cables, and now the monitor tucks up chastely beneath the layout. All the cables extend up from a hole in the corner, and snake tidily across the underside of the layout. This leaves two chords for the photo lights still on the desktop, but I think I can stomach them as they stay close to the wall.

The only downside is that the sides of the photo studio interfere with the monitor as it swings out of the way, and so I had to fold them away. I may have to get some gels to soften the lights. Overall, I’m happier with the cleaned up space, and I can’t wait to get back to modelling and sharing as I go.

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