All the parts that are fit to print

I’m just about ready to upload all the printed parts to Shapeways.  To support some of the more delicate parts for printing, and more importantly for shipping, I added some sprues.  I actually started out making a sprue for all the parts, but then I re-read the pricing guidelines for Shapeways and concluded that this was unnecessary.

Sadly, my computer decided it wasn’t going to let me push off updating any longer and before I could upload to Shapeways, it kicked me out.  So, we’ll have to wait until tomorrow to find out if they’re really acceptable and to get a price.

There is, of course, no need to rush off and purchase the parts: wheel making comes first.  Given the typical slowdown in modelling over the summer, I’m unlikely to need any of these until the fall, and who knows how the world of 3D printing will change between now and then?

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