Boiler keyhole?

Okay, it may be time to admit I have a keyhole problem.  Ever since watching Dan Gelbart’s videos on prototyping, I’ve been thinking about them.  This latest design element might be a keyhole too far.

What if, instead of screwing down through the smoke stack to hold the front of the boiler in place, I hook it down?  The hook will be a T-shaped bolt that passes through a T-shaped slot in the front of the boiler as the boiler slides back onto the motor.   The other end of the boiler, connected to the running boards, will be trapped under the cab cushions, and screwed down with four captured screws.

This scheme saves having to find room for the screwdriver to reach through the smokebox, and also saves assembly and disassembly time.  On the other hand, do I risk being unable to make it tight enough, or scratching the finish off the underside of the smokebox with every assembly?

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