Infographic for Railway Modellers’ Meet

This weekend is the third annual Railway Modellers’ Meet up at Simon Fraser University.  I always like to bring something to display, but this year, most everything is buried in Mt Flood.  So, apart from a whole lot of computer drawings, all I have are the two proofs of concept for the frame.

In other words – something that could easily get swept onto the floor and mistaken for garbage!

Even for someone who is interested, understanding what the frames are will be difficult.  So, I spent (too much) time this evening designing a little info-graphic to go with the parts.  I’ll print this out and display it along with the test frames so people know what they’re looking at, even if they don’t attend the Meet the Modeller event on Saturday afternoon.


The Railway Modellers’ Meet is a super addition to the calendar here on the West Coast.  For the past three years, we have put on a program that rivals just about any regional NMRA convention, and I’m not just saying that because I’m on the organizing committee.  If you’re serious about advancing how you practice the hobby, you should definitely attend!

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