Update on the Flood

I was overwhelmed by the number of people curious about the state of our basement recovery at the Railway Modellers Meet last weekend. Today we made some serious progress, when Matt, the conscientious floor installer put most of the subfloor down. Like every other worker who has come to our rescue, Matt took one look at the layout, and almost ran for the hills. Fortunately, … Continue reading Update on the Flood

Infographic for Railway Modellers’ Meet

This weekend is the third annual Railway Modellers’ Meet up at Simon Fraser University.  I always like to bring something to display, but this year, most everything is buried in Mt Flood.  So, apart from a whole lot of computer drawings, all I have are the two proofs of concept for the frame. In other words – something that could easily get swept onto the … Continue reading Infographic for Railway Modellers’ Meet