What the Cricut wrought

Mark asked how the styrene cutting is going. Here are the parts I cut last night. There isn’t meant to be any part here that is less than half a millimetre wide, although I haven’t taken out my calliper to check them yet.

One thing is certain: this is going to be a tiny model! The frame is less than four inches long. I’d sort of forgotten how small these little engines are!

5 thoughts on “What the Cricut wrought

  1. its a cool little machine. Are these just test runs or meant to layer with the brass etch frames to create your insulated parts?

  2. I’m so impressed with how fine these parts are. In my head, I have this impression of the Cricut not handling styrene in a way that would yield parts like these.



      1. I’ve met a couple of modellers who have one of these Cricut cutters and follow your posts with interest. Having seen examples of what they can do on paper I was impressed but never really thought of such delicate parts in plastic.

        Certainly, game changers not just in the way they extend the workbench but also in terms of access – so easy to buy one.


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