Brakes in the darkness

It appears that the brakes are another part that has now been redesigned.  I’ve simplified them somewhat from the first version.

To tell the truth, I’m hoping that someone can point me to a resource that shows how this pattern of brakes worked. It seems they were favoured by Baldwin for a short period in the early nineties.  Prior to that, the brake cylinder was vertical between the drivers, and by the mid-nineties, the brake cylinder migrated beneath the cab.  I’ve found a few other shots of similar engines, but nothing that shows this detail.

In other news, I may now be officially addicted to keyholes and captured hardware.  When building #10, I probably disassembled the engine a hundred times or more.  So, saving a few minutes each time would be a boon.  Somehow the ashpan is going to keep the drivers from falling out of their pedestals, and so, it will be on and off like the lights at a disco.  To make this quicker, I’ve designed a stub at the back of the firebox that engages with a slot in the ashpan, and a keyhole for screws at the front of the ashpan.  Now that I think about it, the length of the stub at the rear is probably related to the clearance between the wheel and the brake shoe; so more drawing is required.




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