Flood update: but of course it’s under a stud!

As we don’t want another flood, the Boy and I spent more than an hour getting at the offending floor drain today.  Naturally, it is under a stud (supporting an electrical outlet), and so, it wasn’t a simple matter to get at it.

The hole is simply straight through the concrete, 3 1/2 inches in diameter.   Rona and Home Depot were no help whatsoever in plugging it up.  I’m hoping a real plumbing supply may be able to propose something on Monday.

4 thoughts on “Flood update: but of course it’s under a stud!

  1. If it helps, had a very similar issue in Upstate NY. It’s a floor drain that goes in to the main sewer pipe that goes from the main stack to the street. If there’s heavy rain, my basement would flood — and it’s not water… yuck. Tried to fix it myself, and couldn’t figure it out. Called my favorite plumber, and $35 in labor and $5 in parts fixed it with a screw-in cap.

    Bottom line: sometimes, the best help is from a pro…

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