622 brakes revisited (again)

Thanks to Don Ball for replying to my previous post regarding brakes.  He came up with a page from the 1906 Locomotive Builder’s Dictionary, and a Model Railroader article by Gordon Odegard that completely reformed my belief about how these brakes probably worked. Rather than that tiny vertical equalizing lever, it is likely that they had a horizontal equalizing lever beneath the ash pan.  So, … Continue reading 622 brakes revisited (again)

Valve gear – a complex OnShape part

The valve gear for #622 will be printed as a single part.  As with most of the parts, the original drawing needed to be redone. The first time around, I thought I was very clever by using a minimum of sketches.  I chose parts of the sketches to extrude to different depths, but hard-coded the extrusions. This time I think I’m even more cunning: rather … Continue reading Valve gear – a complex OnShape part

Flood update: but of course it’s under a stud!

As we don’t want another flood, the Boy and I spent more than an hour getting at the offending floor drain today.  Naturally, it is under a stud (supporting an electrical outlet), and so, it wasn’t a simple matter to get at it. The hole is simply straight through the concrete, 3 1/2 inches in diameter.   Rona and Home Depot were no help whatsoever in … Continue reading Flood update: but of course it’s under a stud!