Flood update: cabinets removed

Over the past couple of days, OnSide has made further progress toward remediating the flood.  The cabinets were removed on Monday afternoon, and heaped in the middle of the floor.  Most of them were moved to a warehouse yesterday, except the big one, which doesn’t fit up the stairs.  The movers protected it and fixed it to a trolley so the flooring people can move it around easily.  Today, a specialized team came to remove a piece of the only original wall in the basement because it tested positive for lead paint.

Outside, the kids and I dug two big holes in the yard.  At the bottom of one, we discovered, unbelievably, two feet of the original clay pipe.  All else had been replaced by ourselves or the previous owner with PVC.  The PVC was clear throughout, but the clay was completely clogged.  Anyway, it’s all fixed now, and we’ve begun burying the pipes once again.

It may not be going at lightning speed, but it sure is moving faster than if I had to do it myself.

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