Packing away

Demolition starts tomorrow, and that is somewhat incompatible with fine models. So today, they all went into boxes.

Most of my stock fits into some old cookie tins from Christmases past, which are now sadly devoid of cookies, but perfectly shaped for hold HO scale rolling stock. Some ancient rubber foam separates each piece, and for things like box cars, I feel they are pretty safe.

However, special Models like the #10 have a custom box that I made for them. The design for this box came from an old Model Railroader article, long since recycled. Essentially, the model sits on a cushion of foam, while the sides and ends, also foamy, fold up. Then the top slides down, to lower the last piece of foam onto the model.

Using this design, the model never has to slide against the foam, and cut-outs can accommodate parts that stick out of any surface, such as the pilot. With foam on all sides, I’m confident that the model will survive, even if the box is dropped. I even think it could survive opening by a ham-fisted airport security jobsworth. Maybe. Better not to put that to the test.

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