Update on the Flood

The waters have subsided, and we have three fridge-sized dehumidifiers running 24/7 in the basement.  My emotions have also subsided – there is nothing quite like three evenings of digging holes in the glacial til to promote philosophy.

The insurance adjuster hasn’t yet decided if they will cover the losses – it comes down to a question of flood or seepage.  Honestly, they should have been here helping to bail it out if they wanted to argue that it was seeping!

In the good news category, the restoration project manager is confident that we can cantilever the layout while the cabinets and floor are removed.  So, it’s not an abandonment, merely a minor setback, perhaps only a delay.

Thank-you to all of you who commiserated and offered your support.  You helped me through a really dark time.

18 thoughts on “Update on the Flood

  1. While a setback, sometimes those provide opportunity to do things differently, do things better. Hopefully the rebuild under the layout and in the shop doesn’t take a long time, and you’re back to modeling quickly.

  2. Thank you for the update. I was wondering how this was coming along and hoping things are starting to look more optimistic than they probably felt earlier.


  3. Rene;

    We get between 200”-240” rain a year so I empathize with your problem. Things are never so bad as they seem, though, and you will be better prepared if there is a next time. My shop gets “seepage” frequently. Despite excavation and waterproofing it is foolhardy to put anything but plastic tub on the floor. Good luck and don’t worry.

  4. Hi Rene,
    Glad to know that not is all lost, especially all your hard work on your fine layout. You must have a big mess on your hands and I hope this will pass quickly.

  5. Good to see your mood has improved. Looks like your helper is having a blast dig in the yard. What drain are you trying to find? Be glad it wasn’t sewage runoff, someone I know had that happen to their basement.

    I’d love to see the layout cantilevered when it gets to that stage.

  6. Wow. What a thing to have to deal with. I sympathize – I had a minor flood in the basement a few years ago: about 2” of water. I nearly abandoned the hobby as a consequence – I thought I might have to tear out the layout for the remediation work. Fortunately that didn’t happen…
    Good luck!

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