Could be the end of Pembroke

It is raining to make Noah look skyward. This morning we awoke to water in the basement for the first time since we moved in over 15 years ago.

OnSide Restoration arrived around ten and declared the floor is ruined and will have to be replaced. That floor is under everything. It is under the cabinets I built in the heavy shop this summer. It is under the cabinets I installed in the play room last spring. It is under the cabinets where I store my materials. It is under my modelling desk. It is under Pembroke.

Usually I’m pretty resilient when it comes to setbacks, but this one feels pretty major.

23 thoughts on “Could be the end of Pembroke

  1. Rene,
    Very sad to hear about this…
    It is a major setback especially with all the fine infrastructure work you created.
    My best wishes for the best outcome possible.

  2. I wish I knew what to say. A few years back my daughter forgot about the bath she was running, and it went through the floor into the garage below. The garage being my railway room. There was damage, yes, and it was costly – just below the voluntary excess on our insurance – but compared to your experience it was nothing.

    Recover what you can, and then restart and build the layout you really meant to create in the first place.

  3. Oh that sounds hard. I hope the restoration people get on to of it quickly. If you need some dry storage for a bit, let me know.

  4. Well, crap, I’m really sorry to hear that. 😦 I had the basement flood in my last house and it was very disheartening – and it wasn’t finished. I can’t imagine how you feel but it must be overwhelming.

  5. I thought maybe you where trying to see how real water would look on the river?

    Hey, maybe this was just a way of saying finish the dang locomotive before doing any other projects.

    All kinding aside, I hope that it doesn’t take too long and insurance covers the rebuild.


  6. My first reaction isn’t suitable to record in polite company. Ah crap. This really is harsh.

    Having been through a couple of floods, but not one that could claim something with so much investment, I understand the range of your emotions right now but can only imagine the scope of them. And the logistics!

    I am so sorry René…let me know if you need an extra pair of hands.


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