Quite wheelish

My puttering with the form tool is starting to result in things that could be mistaken for wheels.  These ones approximate the 30″ wheels for 622’s pilot truck, but with the gross flange of my homemade form tool.

I faced them down to the correct 1.63 mm wide, and cut the spoke recess in the front to see how they will behave on an (admittedly unrefined) axle.  Unsurprisingly, the thinner the wheel, the less it is able to stay perpendicular to the axle.  With the full thickness, it doesn’t move at all, whereas some of the deeper recesses allow the wheel to wobble unacceptably.

The result is that I will want to create a form tool to cut that recess along with the wheel hub.  Interestingly, after all my practice, this realization doesn’t worry me at all: when the time comes, I can just get on with it.


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