The year ahead

I realized over Christmas that it’s coming on two years since I decided the best course of action for number 10 was to park it until I have the skills to repair it. As that is my only locomotive, no wheels have turned on Pembroke since then, which is a sad state of affairs for any layout.

At that time, I was ready to begin building a new locomotive, and indeed, I started getting organized in June 2016.  Well, one thing  led to another , and there were a few interruptions and preparations, and before I knew it, not only 2016, but 2017 had slipped through my hands!

This cannot continue!  While I still feel young, if I want to see Pembroke finished, I need to get cracking.  So this is the year I knuckle down and build this locomotive.  Oh, except April, which I will probably take off so I can finish the flat cars for the Railway Modellers’ Meet, and November is usually spent on Christmas gifts.  And we’ll probably take a longish vacation in the summer…

Okay, perhaps it won’t be finished by the end of the year.

I have to remind myself that it’s the journey and not the destination.  Sure, I appreciate all the skills I’ve accumulated over the years of working on Pembroke – from cabinet-making to machining.  But some days I just want to be able to run a train!


3 thoughts on “The year ahead

  1. Rene, why not use your new lathe to reduce the profile of the wheel sets on a small, rod-connected diesel switcher just to move the flat cars around?

    1. Maybe I will get there eventually. Diesels are not a problem as there are replacement wheel sets available. I don’t see why I would want a rod-connected one, though.

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