Algonquins of Pikwàkanagàn

Neil (@sarahdaddy) asked in a comment a few days ago where I stand on the question of romanticizing Pembroke, compared to its history. I understand the desire to create a utopia where everything is beautiful on a sunny summer (fall or winter) day and there isn’t any poverty or racial issue but some things existed that we can’t ignore…I would be curious if you had … Continue reading Algonquins of Pikwàkanagàn

Dave Booth is a demon with a jewellers’ saw

Tonight I cut some spokes in one of my test wheels.  I was most interested to see if the wheel gets floppy if you take away most of the material in the centre to replace it with plastic.  It doesn’t. But I tell you what: fretting out the spokes is hard work!  On this small wheel, it’s nearly impossible to get anything into the holes … Continue reading Dave Booth is a demon with a jewellers’ saw

Wheel masters

A rather large box of air arrived from Shapeways today.  Safely suspended inside were the masters for 622’s wheels.  Seriously, the box is over 4000 cubic centimetres of air, and contained perhaps 2 cubic centimetres of plastic!  The castings were well protected!  No box from Shapeways has ever lasted more than a few minutes after I arrive home, and this was no exception: I couldn’t … Continue reading Wheel masters