Sweet anticipation

It doesn’t matter how many times I order printed parts from Shapeways, it still feels like magic.  The patterns for 622’s wheels existed only in my mind until I drew them in OnShape.  Now in a few days, I will open a package, and they will spill out into my hand – no longer mere imagination.

Incidentally, OnShape impressed me once again.  Where complex shapes like these seem to take hours of correcting in SketchUp before they are water-tight, the hardest part about getting them out of OnShape and into Shapeways was keeping the units aligned.  The number of times I mixed up millimetres and centimetres was downright embarrsassing.

pilot and tender wheels


4 thoughts on “Sweet anticipation

  1. A Canadian who mixes up units by a factor of ten is hard to believe!

    If these are patterns then 1) are they printed slightly oversize to account for shrinkage?; 2) What material did you choose from Shapeways?; 3) will you cast and turn these on your lathe?

    1. Hah! It was a matter of forgetting whether I had exported in mm or cm when I went to import. Then mixing up file names, then doing it again (I think). Anyway, it’s best to laugh at these things.

      The plan for the wheels is to cast the centres into the tyres – more or less. We’ll see how I get on when it comes to cutting steel!

      1. Have you considered having the wheels and tires printed in stainless steel or other metal?

        OnShape might easily allow you to create a pattern, or mirror image of the wheels, for wax masters so you cast your own.

        I’m anxiously following along and look forward to seeing results of your lathe work.


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