Grinder finds a home

I wish I was as good at Christmas gifts as my dad was.

Invariably on Christmas Eve he would disappear and return triumphantly hours later with an armload of gifts for my sister to wrap.  Were they panicked pluckings like the ones I make when the clock is running down?  Or were they planned purchases, over which he had agonized and researched?  We may never know, but somehow his gifts always did two things: they delighted me, and they challenged me to explore a new interest that I’d barely expressed.

So years ago, when I had indicated that I wanted to get a lathe, the Christmas gift was a bench grinder.  Sadly, the lathe took some time to materialize and thus I had infrequent need for the grinder; when I did, I clamped it to the WorkMate.  Now that there is a lathe in the house, though, the grinder wanted a more permanent home.

I had been thinking that I would build a shelf for it in the shed, where the dust could happily fall.  However, the project got complicated when I realized I would only be able to sharpen one side of an axe in that location.  This was when I started to look at the garage, and found that I had a little left over heavy-duty shelving rail.  Now, with the addition of a handful of new brackets and some leftovers for the shelves, the grinder has a home at last.

Thanks Dad.

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