Driver drawing

As I’m planning to print patterns for the wheels, I could no longer be satisfied with blank discs representing the wheels, even in OnShape.  They’re a bit of a challenging part to draw, but I think I’ve captured the look of this photo from the Parry Sound Public Library.  Possibly the hub is too small – […]


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So Long Ed

Last week, I heard that Ed McCamey passed away, and I confess that it rather took the wind out of my sails. Ed was one of the first Proto:87 contacts I made, way back in 1994.  He sat behind me at Jim Harper’s clinic on detailing track; when the discussion turned from 1:48 scale to […]

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Demonstration modelling

I️ didn’t plan very well for this weekend’s Vancouver Train Expo, and consequently, I️ didn’t have a formal scheduled slot in the Craftsman’s Corner. There were, however, two chairs and usually only one occupant. Doug Hicks had brought plenty of light, and I’d thrown the flat cars, a few tools and bits of styrene in […]

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Learning to lathe

There’s a super TED talk where Josh Kaufman insists that you can learn anything in 20 hours.  Sure, it takes 10,000 hours to achieve mastery, but 20 hours gets you over the hump.  I’m hoping this talk will be as life-changing as that other TED talk about tying your shoelaces. Kaufman’s program plays out like […]

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