Flat car ends finished

Please excuse the dreadful iPhone photo.  It’s been one of those nights.  One of those nights when I should have just stayed upstairs.

As expected, I wound up shaving off the outer-most nut bolt washer (NBW) castings so I could centre them relative to the side sills.  This also made it easier to add the ends of the end sills, which are actually lengths of 2×6 styrene added to the side sills.

Then it was time to add the NBWs back on, and I don’t know what is going on with my motor skills tonight.  First I couldn’t pick up an NBW without having it spring across the workbench to be swallowed up by….what?  There’s nothing there to swallow the castings, but still they disappeared all the same.  Then I would drop them just as they were getting to the end sills, and they would evaporate.  Finally, those few that made it all the way to the end sills would be the only ones that would stick tenaciously to the tweezers like virgins at the volcano rim.

Twelve castings applied.  Countless lost.

Sometimes you just have to laugh at yourself.

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