Workshop cabinets get topped

 There is nothing quite like a mitre joint in a countertop to reveal how out of square your house is.  Because the saws and sander are all out in the garage on the other side of the house and up a flight of stairs, the countertops were like an exercise class without so much rewarding Lycra. I don’t know how many trips I made, but I definitely earned the beer at the end of the day.  

Truth be told, I think I was procrastinating on the job because I wasn’t sure which breaker I had to throw to isolate the plug. Despite the careful labelling in our electrical panel, I guessed wrong, and paid with a little self-electrocution. I guess I was procrastinating for a reason!

Once the power was off, the wiring went fine.  I now have a switch for the compressor so I don’t have to reach inside the cabinet to turn it on and off.  It and the fan work wonderfully, which is good because I’m going to need to paint the flat cars soon. 

The lathe, vise and drill press were duly posed in their new homes, and I’m pleased to say the space feels larger than it actually is.  I now have a lot more trips to make as I return all the tools from exile in the garage.  No, we still won’t be able to park in the garage (that’s just crazy talk) but perhaps I’ll be able to reduce the amount of stair climbing.  

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