Soldering iron chord cubby

Ever since I moved in to this pristine new work area, the natural state of soldering iron chords has bothered me.  I know they’re just being their natural selves, and you can hardly blame them, but the tangled mess was unsightly! As I was battening down the hatches (they’re still battened until the Girl has her sleepover the weekend after next), I generated some likely … Continue reading Soldering iron chord cubby

No-measure flat car ends and stringers

Measure once cut twice.  These are words to live by. Reasoning that there are only two truss rods on these 20-ton, 33-foot cars, and given the number of bolt heads on the ends, I felt six stringers were in order.  That makes 18 in total, which would be a disagreeable amount of fiddling to get them all to be straight. So, I spent some time … Continue reading No-measure flat car ends and stringers

Integral weights for flat cars

Okay, so the approach of welding the sides to the ends didn’t work so well.  The weights themselves pose a much larger gluing surface, however, and so, I made them integral to the cars. To do this, I first coloured up some paper to look like the bottoms of the deck boards, and spray-glued it to the bottoms of the weights.  I actually glued this … Continue reading Integral weights for flat cars