It’s in the red drawer!

“Which drawer is it in?” She hollered from in front of the basement cabinets.

“The one with all the party supplies!” I yelled from my comfortable perch beneath my book.

The sounds of drawer slides and the abuse of soft-close pistons floated up from the basement.  Oh for Pete’s sake, I thought, as I got up to help her find it.

Well, I learned my lesson.  The drawers in the workshop are almost individually addressable.  When someone needs a tool, I’ll be able to tell them exactly which drawer to look in. What’s more, the rainbow colours work with the sunshine theme set by the fan enclosure.

Between VanRail and work, there hasn’t been a whole lot of time for my projects.  However, I did manage to scrape about twenty minutes out of each evening to throw a coat of paint on the workbenches.  They still look “workshoppy,” but they make me happy.


2 thoughts on “It’s in the red drawer!

  1. My friend labels all the drawers in his home CNC shop with what tools go in each drawer…it certainly helps to find things but more importantly to help put things back in their spot….which all visitors must do religiously if they don’t want to be banned!

    When we worked together he would reduce employees’ annual stock option award if they did not put tools back properly to highlight the inefficiency they were creating for others through their actions!

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