A second bench for the workshop

I keep having to tell myself that all this work on the workshop is in fact work towards the locomotive.  Finally this weekend, I managed to get the second cabinet finished to the point where it can be painted.  Like the first, it is almost entirely made from scraps left over from my other projects.  Consequently, some of the components are not what I would prefer.  The drawer fronts, for example, are only 1/2″ plywood, and one piece is not spectacularly good plywood too!  As my wife says, “it looks workshoppy.”

Well, the whole has the happy property of existence, which is far better than a workshop that doesn’t exist.  I’m looking forward to moving the tools in here so I can free up space in the garage; not that we’re likely to be able to fit the car in there or anything.


3 thoughts on “A second bench for the workshop

  1. Fixtures like this are an investment. A little patience and endurance now will pay wonderful dividends for your modeling later.

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